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How to get the software?

FRAMES-2 is available free of charge for users which fulfill the ESA distribution policy (see registration page). The software can be downloaded after a formal registration has been sent to and approved by ESA. A confirmation of the registration will be sent back including the access code allowing the sofware download.

User's profiles

A user's profile is assigned when the registration is approved. According to the attributes of the user's profile, the software and documentation download rights on the website will be assigned. The user profile restricts access to product releases, beta versions and associated documentation.

Please enter the assigned user login and the associated password to access the restricted area.


As explained above, download access rights are assigned after an ESA registration process. A registration form is available on this website.

Note : When registered, the email address will be automatically added into the FRAMES-2 news list. The news list will be used to inform about new releases, trainings and other FRAMES-2 announcements.