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What is FRAMES-2?




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What is FRAMES-2?

FRAMES-2 is a data base system for storage, processing and retrieval of material properties and associated mechanical test results, specimen geometry and testing conditions. The package consists in various features:

  • Material properties database.
  • Mechanical testing database (crack growth, fatigue, fracture toughness, static strength, creep, corrosion cracking, R- curve, etc.).
  • Searching facilities on material code or equivalent names, data set characteristics (multi criteria).
  • Derivation of raw data, fitting constants calculation, statistical analysis.
  • Post processing such as 2D plots, reports.
  • Export of design data (e.g. to NASGRO®, ESAFATIG).

Package content

The FRAMES-2 1.6.1 package is a set of tools:

  • FRAMES-2 : the main program allowing to start the following modules:
    • a server administration : starting, stopping the server, listing the existing databases, backup of databases,
    • a user's management : creating, deleting, repairing a user,
    • the documentation,
    • the FRAMES-2 client.

Platforms and hardware

The current FRAMES-2 package contains system files (dll) allowing the software to be run under all Windows platforms. System files are not installed in system directory (WINDOWS, WINNT, WINME) but under each executable working directory. Each module is independent from the operating system.

For all encountered problems, please report to FRAMES-2 team via the ESA standard Software Problem Report (SPR) form.

About this website

This website dedicated to FRAMES-2 is in development and being update regularly. In the future, more content is expected on e.g. the following subjects:

  • FRAMES-2 1.6.1, and further updates,
  • Other results of the study "Structural Integrity of Pressurised Structures" performed under ESA contract 14923/00/NL/PA'.